Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things I've Heard and Learned This Summer

10) No matter what you call one wants the green popcicles.

9) If they haven't had a sunburn at least once, they haven't been outside enough.

8) It is always meal time...unless you are serving green popcicles.

7) Four year old daughter turned to me in all seriousness after I finished fixing her ponytail on top, "Mom....Always Remember....Never poop in  your pants." 

6) Inhaling does not make the car get slimmer when your son is driving too close to a mailbox. Imaginary breaks don't work either.

5) Whenever you stop at a fresh produce stand, put half of what you want to buy will be full before you can get to it.

4) Whenever you go to the library, put half of the books back, so you'll lose fewer.

3) Dinner on Pool day is funnel cake.  Anyone who objects can help themselves to the green popcicles.

2) You only get a bath on pool day if you ate a green popcicle.

1) Bringing Mom her laptop, a diet coke and a dish of ice cream is an effective bribe against me ever bringing up Summer Math books.  But in reality, you could just bring me a bottle of water and a lime popcicle, I've come to appreciate them...if only from repeated exposure.  As for the math books, it doesn't take much...(I don't like them either).

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Mary B said...

Had a similar experience driving with my son.

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