Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Named Jeffy's Vacation

You may or may not know my mother is in sunny San Diego right now. You probably do not know that I was the one who wanted to go to San Diego this year. That's right! She stole my idea!

What is so wrong about four teenage guys and their plan to traverse the nation in love of comic books and all things nerdy, culminating in the San Diego Comi-Con?

So Mom is off at sunny beaches, restaurants recommended by Food Network, and in all likelihood nerdy things I'm missing out on. Comi-Con doesn't start till next week. In my personal opinion she's setting up a booth and finding people to man it. She didn't want me going, because I would find out about her alter-ego as a comic-book author. Not as impressive as super hero, but geeky enough that you might want to hide it from people.

I think its cool Mom. (What does that say about me?) Your double life is no reason to prevent me from joining a group of inexperienced at driving teenage guys road tripping all the way across the country!

Wanting me to be at a local theater for the midnight showing of the Captain America movie might be a legitimate reason though...

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Anonymous said...

Hope your parents have fun, and we know you are enjoying a visit with your grandparents from CT. See you soon.

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