Friday, July 22, 2011

Blindsided by Children

Inspired by Top Ten Things You Don't See Coming as a Parent.  I started by making a comment, and it turned into this...

10) Those hoary chestnut stories your parents told you that made you roll your eyes…you’ll break them out at a moment’s provocation with nary a touch of shame. Okay…maybe a little.

9) Making your kids eat food they hate is not nearly as satisfying or entertaining as you thought it would be when you were a kid and were told some day, you could exact revenge the same way your parents did on you.  Thirty years is too long to wait to make someone else eat lima beans...and it means I have to eat them good.

8) Everything you learned as a kid in school that stayed…has changed. Everything that didn’t stick, got harder.

7) The mileage of diapers varies by price.

6) No matter how much they love it...if you buy it in bulk, one of the following things will happen:

            a) the kids get sick of it and won't eat it
            b) you make them eat it and they get sick
            c) in an effort to keep the peace, you decide after they've eaten half, to serve it occasionally, once they get unsick of it...and it
                         1) goes stale
                         2) becomes invisible or
                         3) gets thrown out during a cleaning frenzy. 

Bottom line you can take to the bank believe it: No matter what you do...You Won't save money.

5) No one sees the dirty laundry but you.

4) Those magazine tips on how to get your kids to hang up towels, go to bed, eat veggies without a fuss?  They lie.  They all lie. 

3) Kids never look bigger than when you bring a new one home.

2) Not that there's always one but...there is no configuration of children in a car that cannot result in a fight.

1) Despite all this, the human heart can always get bigger.


Natalie said...

I like number 2 best. We are about to head from Albuquerque, NM to Ohio. That is going to be a joyride. Thank God for the DVD player. =)

munchesmom said...

OH. SO. TRUE! I love #2 & 3 especially. We only have four munchkins, but there is ALWAYS an argument regarding van seating.

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