Saturday, August 8, 2020

Writing's been hard lately

I apparenly have limited capacity, it's something I've always tried to ignore.  However, I find if I exercise, it's harder to write. If I teach, it's harder to exercise. If I clean the house it's harder to teach.  So whatever I pick first, determines what becomes harder to do. 

I'm just letting you know why the blog and my house is a mess.  I've been going for a walk/jog every morning it's not raining, and I'm teaching a class.  So today is Saturday. I have no excuse not to clean the hosue or write.  So I'm doing both...or at least writing. 

The thing about writing, cleaning and exercising is the same. If you do it every day, it becomes habit. If it becomes habit, it becomes less difficult to do. If you miss a day, it becomes a Herculean task to begin least for me. 

So I sat down today and said, you will write something.  If possible, later today, you will write something for publication beyond your blog.   I promise you right now, the well feels bone dry.  I'm going to go for a walk after this and hope something floats into my brain.

I'm a big believer in writers will as opposed to writer's block. Writers' will is what makes writing possible, just as my son tells me, running is mostly mental.  He's been running since sixth grade so I beg to differ, I think being under 50 has something to do with it.   Still, I'm going to try. 

Dang. He's right.  Will is what's missing, in all of those things, and I need to learn how to grow more will, rather than horde it for the portions of the day I like.  I do believe will is the necessary component for everything, and tell my students they will be writers when they write without the inspiration.  Likewise, my son tells me, those who are athletes are those who work out when it hurts, when it's boring, and when it's hard.  If everything is a case of will, I wonder, is growing will possible, or is it merely learning to stop resisting what we say we want to do.  I have a book to read and paperwork to tackle, and I need will for that too. I have a present to construct for our anniversary. I've planned it, I need to get it finished.   Will it. Will it. Will it.   Will it or it won't. 

Excuse me, I've written myself an imperative.  I Will be back...God willing and me willing too, and write some more later today. 

Friday, July 31, 2020

Over at the National Catholic Register Today

Next week, I'll be doing a creative writing class, so I'll be busy writing things with and for class. I might try them out here, but in the meantime, here's my latest over at the National Catholic Register:
Shining Christ's Light on Internet Bickering.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Signs the Quarantine is Getting to You

10) You watch cooking shows with a chip on your shoulder. "Sure you can make something from that basket, you've got a fully stocked pantry at your fingertips and you're only cooking for four." 

9) Discussions about what movie will be shown have camps, crossing over because the other side has better snacks is frowned upon.

8) Bedtime, morning alarms, lunch time, these are all mere social constructs that everyone else should follow.

7) One outing in the car a day is enought to require a two hour nap.

6) People discuss the weather with a degree of animation normally associated with sports or politics, because it's an observable change in the experience of day to day living.

5) Recall of what I was doing, why I came into this room, what day/time it is, and what we did yesterday is shot.   Memory of what we were doing last summer at this time? Crystal clear.

4) The creep of worry about the state of things has crept into where things will be next year.

3) Going into the car to curse at reality is a theraputic necessity that no amount of ice cream can eliminate.  --based on reports from teens. 

2) Your daughter offers to cut your hair based on the youtube videos she's been watching and your response is an unquestioning, "Okay."  because it's been since February since the last time anything of that nature happened and even if it's bad, no one will know.

1) You know how if you wear glasses, sometimes when you're not wearing them, you can still see the frames in your line of vision?  The same thing is happening with masks. 

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