Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Success Thursday

We celebrate small successes in our lives on Thursday!  So it's time to consider how in the past week, we got to do little things with great love! 

Welcome everyone!  All you have to do is use Mr. Linky and post on your blog those things you did this past week that helped your health, hearth and home become more what it should be.  Be sure and visit the people who link here and leave a comment, it's part of the fun!

This week I:
1) went on vacation! Did I mention I went on vacation? Yes I did, so I'm at the beach today kicking back and hopefully, enjoying doing very little or racing through the city of San Diego trying to see everything. Either way, it will be fun. 

2) Got to see my youngest daughter baptized.  Saturday, she became part of the Catholic church and it was lovely.

3) Cleaned out my closet --it lost 50 pounds of drycleaner plastic and hangers.  And organized my bathroom.

4) Worked on Helen.  Really enjoying writing on her now.

Now it's your turn!


munchesmom said...

Isn't San Diego great? I was just there a month ago for a wedding. I only wish I had more time for site-seeing. Congrats on the closet & bathroom. It is so liberating to get rid of things we just don't need!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Have a WONDERFUL vacation!

Celeste said...

Welcome to God's family, Anna Maria Hope!

JJ's Mom said...

Hope you are thoroughly enjoying that vacation! And congratulations on the wonderful! Gob Bless!

*kate said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Lynn said...

have fun vacationing!

Anonymous said...

What a good meme idea! So often we concentrate on what we haven't accomplished.

Am I right that you're writing a book?

Sue said...

I'm well overdue for a closet clean out too!! Cheers Sue

Anonymous said...

We had visitors and fun this week. Dad went out to lunch with Bill and George, and I was able to shop for some much needed personal items!
Our nephew, Will Green, came to visit on Wed. We were given an autographed copy of his new CD-=Misunderstood. We learned that Marty taught Will his first guitar cord in our living room-many years ago.
Saw a former work friend, who told me that my husband reminded her son of Atticus Finch. Her son is now an attorney.
Made plans to attend a workshop today sponsored by the Alzheimer's support group.

SherryTex said...

Yes I am. It's called The Book of Helen. It's about how Helen of Troy has viewed and experienced her life. "Everyone else has told the story, why not hear from someone who actually was there?"

At 65 being booted out of Sparta by the three bastard sons of Menealus immediately after his death, Helen must take stock of her things to secure her comfort on the Island of Rhodes. She happens upon a girl, Pythia, doomed to be sold as cargo and discovers that this young lady can inventory her wealth.

But Helen doesn't just want a list, she wants someone to know the true meaning behind all these treasures. Additionally, Helen has the added burden or punishment from the gods. She dreams every night of the deaths of the Trojan War.

The gods have promised good health, but they've also guaranteed she will know intimately the details of each and every soldier, babe, slave and noble that perished. She must discover a means to memorialize them all to earn the Elissyain fields.

Lastly, time is running out. The court of Rhodes has enemies that have it in for Helen. Half way there. (It's what I do in my spare time!) ;)

(alright, it's so I can slum on laundry).

Mary B said...

The book sounds fascinating.

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