Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small Success Thursday

The week speeds by, it seems to me like it's always almost Thursday...and today it is.  So we celebrate those small successes of the past week; those moments we did little things with great love, those times we triumphed or at least started to tackle the minutia that eats up our energy and our day, and all those milestones that make up the daily course of living.  

Join in! Just use Mr. Linky (I made sure it worked this time!) to add your name below and on your blog, declare your triumphs for the week.  Be sure to visit the blogs of those who leave a link here, that's part of the fun and frankly, it serves as great inspiration for the next week to see what all of you are doing! 

This week I:

1) bought Wii Fit.  I'd tell you it's fun and I love it, but I have to wait my turn to play.  The kids have been on  it since it showed up.  (I've squeezed in about an hour and had a blast but hoping to have better results than that once they get bored). 

2) Shopped at Borders (sad thing that they're closing, I am already missing that store) and sat down and read yesterday (while waiting for my turn at the Wii).

3) Fasted from the Computer yesterday...all day.   Trying to fast from something once a week at least, just to keep my own self in check.

4) Took the kiddos (just five of them) to the pool on Tuesday.  It was a blast and Faith learned the backstroke and I even got to go down the waterslide three time because I had a friend with me who tag teamed with the littles. 

5) Got through two days with husband out of town for work.  It never gets easy because he's so a part of me and our family, but it was less hard.  (I know, it's nothing compared to the sacrifices of others and it really isn't, but it's a little victory and I'm glad he's home). 

Now it's your turn!


Karen said...

Wow on numbers 3 and 5. I've had days where I try to cut back on my computer time but I always find an excuse to log on. Anytime my husband is away on a business trip I feel like I'm thrust into survival mode.

Lynn said...

My kids love the Wii Fit - my aunt and uncle have one and it is the first thing they want to do when they visit.

munchesmom said...

I miss using our Wii Fit. Since I've started having lower back pain, I haven't been able to use it.

LOVE your fasting idea...I think I'm going to borrow it from you!

Celeste said...

I've heard good things about the Wii Fit, and I'd love to try one out! Please post your experience with it. I'd like to hear how it works for you.

Kudos for holding things together while your husband was away!

Stay At Home Mom at Work said...

Good for you! Getting kids to the pool and managing without the help of hubbie is awesome. I had two days of mine gone, and it was torture! How I need him!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE #3! THANK YOU for this idea!

Yay, for you! You've had a great week!

Amanda Kline said...

I am a teacher by day and one of the best keynote speaker started off her monologue by retelling a story from her past. Basically it involved a job that she hated, but a boss that never gave up on her and wanted her to appreciate the successes in life - bot the small and the large. So each day he would go to her and ask her for a 'thumbs up' - however, the punch line is that he had an accident when he was little in which his thumb was cut off.
The whole room was stunned at first and then broke out into roar of laughter. I can still see her imitation of her boss fist pumping in the air.
Anyway, my biggest success yesterday and today was taking care of my 4 year old son through his tonsil & adenoid surgery. Not that I don't take care of my son - its more of the fact that I have learned how to manage the insanity of kid movies.
So giving up my computer right now, would be like giving up the only sane thing that I have in my life.
By the way, Silvester Stallone plays an awful villain "Spy Kids 3".

However, more positive successes are noted in my life's journey for the past year. Please visit me at:

What have you done for someone else today?

*kate said...

Good for you for #3 - I know I spend too much "screen time" too and should really give that a serious try.
And I'm a little jealous of the waterslide :)

Erika Marie said...

ooo the waterslide! That would have made my day...and week! I've thought of getting the Wii just to get the Wii Fit but always end up talking myself out of it. I bet your kids love you for it!

Erika Marie said...

weee! I love waterslides. That would have made my day...even my whole week!

Mary B said...

Love #3! (and #5)

Finally here!

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