Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything is Grist for the Mill

Last week I was in San Diego. We toured Midway, the aircraft carrier.

Returning from the trip, I decided to put my new knowledge of how things got done to work. I summoned the largest possible number of children (8) as the youngest two don't have the capacity to contribute in this endeavor. I had them line up from tallest to smallest without explaining.

I then told them how multi-million dollar aircrafts could get destroyed and lives lost if so much as a single bolt was loose on the deck and that the soldiers stood shoulder to shoulder and walked the length of the ship inspecting to make sure all was clear.

Wearing what we affectionately refer to as the "hat of command," (it says Zookeeper), I ordered a FOD (foreign object damage) walk across the living room.  The walk afforded them a view of many potential threats to any wayward aircraft that might consider making our home their runway, shoes, my little ponies, hotwheels, legos and books were amongst the chief offenders, not to mention the batgirl cape, Nintendo DS, a pair of sunglasses and four throw pillows and blankets. "I want it all clear!" I barked.

There were some that could be said to utter mutinous remarks, but the lower ranks were clearly enthused for the idea and ran about sweeping the room in eager anticipation of a F-18 arriving soon.

Fortunately for me, my middle son is something of a wit. He fired up the paper airplanes and his remote controlled flying saucer after the FOD had been completed to the delight of all. The oldest followed suit and googled some top gun music for added ambiance. 

Hopefully, they'll be just as enthused when I introduce rolling one's laundry.
Somehow I doubt it. 

Maybe next vacation, we'll try the Marines.

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