Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Success Thursday

Welcome back to another week of celebrating small successes! 

First, I found a beautiful piece I'd like to share.  100 Ways to Serve Others

It's old but it is timeless. 

It's so easy to buy into the nonsense that what we do on a daily basis isn't that important, isn't that meaningful; but we have to remember: 

When we feed our children, we have fed the hungry.
When we dress them, we have clothed the naked.
When we address their fights and hurts and slights, we are peace makers.

So we are living out some component of the beattitudes by merely doing what is required with great love.

This week I:

1) Worked on Helen.  (my four year long project of trying to write a book).
2)  Submitted a query to a magazine.
3) Gave a list of my favorite Catholic blogs to my pastor.
4) Cleaned out a closet and trimmed down the long branches of the birch tree in the front. 
5) Began reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader to two of my kids.
6) Turned 45!  Celebrated properly.
7) Celebrated the 4th with barbeque, fireworks and family. 

Now it's your turn!  Be sure and visit the blogs of all who participate, it's part of the fun! 


Sue said...

Happy Birthday!! Cheers Sue

Mary B said...

Thanks again!

Therese said...

happy birthday. Hubby and I are turning 45 in October and I keep on telling him we should have a 90th birthday party.

munchesmom said...

I briefly skimmed the article you linked to & can't wait to read it all. Looks great!

Voyage of the Dawn Treader was one of my favorites of the series...LOVE Reepicheep!

Overall, a great list this week! And, Happy Birthday to you!

*kate said...

Happy birthday!
I can't wait till my boys are a little older to read the Chronicles books with them :)

RealMom4Life said...

Happy Birthday - great week!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday!! Great job on #3 as well, there's so much good stuff out there (too much?)

Blessings this week!

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