Friday, July 22, 2011

It's So Hot...

We have to make jokes about it.

It's so hot...

10) If you take in a deep breath outside, you can almost feel your lungs melting.

9) Children spontaneously combust while unloading the car....Don't worry, I gave them Popsicles and they got better.

8) One can almost see the plants trying to will themselves back under the earth in search of coolness.

7) Yesterday, the County closed the pools on account of heat...true story.

6) Mercury called NASA; it would like its weather back.

5) My kids entertained themselves with an ice cube melting race.  (It beats TV...but not by much).

4) Squinting in the shade.  Not a good sign.

3) Car tops, driveways and the outside of a grill all double as frying pans. Experiments have been conducted/and or observed. Grocery bags stick, bare feet burn and unwise insects that land...fry.

2) Considering seriously turning nocturnal. It would be far easier to enforce bedtimes. 

1) Reminiscing fondly about Snowmageddon.

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