Friday, July 1, 2011

The Beauty of Simple Things

My son underwent surgery to have tubes placed in his ears.  I worried how the world would sound to him once the volume got turned up so to speak. 
With three teens, one tween and a nine year old with a cd player, there is always music playing.  At any given moment, music from Tangled, Star Wars (the prequelles), Japanese Animation, the current top forty mix station and classical all might be playing depending upon which room you enter.  I'd briefed the older kids that we'd have to give their brother time to adjust.

On the ride home while he was still shaking off the anestisia, we put on classical to keep the mood calm.  He was grabbing at the air, calling out to us to pay attention because there was all this sound; sounds that had become background for us. He sang along with the choir, Laaaaaaaaaaa, and clapped, and we had the pleasure of rediscovering the world through his eyes and ears.

We are hardwired for beauty, we are made to be struck with awe and wonder. But the world and its many tasks can make us world weary, unable to recognize that we are not stopping, we are not smelling the roses, we do not see the stars or stare at the moon. Being rushed, we fail to hear the notes of loveliness when they play because we are busy.  We spent the day listening to music through his new ears.

My son's ears got fixed, so now at least for the moment, we all hear better. 


Maria Fernanda said...

Let's meet at that church on 355 at 3 pm sometime soon...

Natalie said...

I'm glad everything went well with his surgery. =)

Sue said...

That is beautiful!!
ps Happy Birthday to US - I hope you have a wonderful day!
Cheers Sue

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