Saturday, October 22, 2011

You Know it's Writer's Block When...

10) None of your imaginary friends will play with you.

9) Trolling the Internet in desperate hopes of inspiration seems reasonable.

8) so does deliberately giving children markers without paper.

7) Everyone in your house seems way to calm, collected and normal for comfort.

6) No matter what you do, the page does not love you.

5) Start reading your old posts to see if anything merits a rerun.

4) You begin asking family members if they want to "guest blog." They are all backing away slowly, making no sudden moves.

3) Reading tips for ending writer's block don't bring hope.

2) Exercise and laundry start to seem oddly compelling.

1) You're reduced to using a cheap writing device, making a list and writing a meta-blog about writing, complaining about the problem that is causing the problem.

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