Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Small Success Thursday

We've sped through another week, so fast I think I deserve a ticket.  

Every Thursday, we consider what happened, how we poured ourselves out, how much we were able to do little things with great love.   Join in by leaving a blog post of three or more small successes from the past week and linking here.   Then visit the other blogs that participate and leave a comment, it's part of the fun and it's very inspiring.

This past week I:

1) Did exercise three days, which is two more than I did the week before.  It's progress.  Not effective progress, but progress.

2) Fell asleep while getting my hair done and what I thought were mere highlights.  Woke up with my hair minus all the grey.  I hadn't planned that and it still looks weird to me in the mirror, but I've been told, it looks nice.  (Still weirded out). 

3) Worked on Helen, but only one day.

4) Continued my daily 1/4th of the rosary, (whatever mysteries are generally done) and added a set of the luminous as a perpetual devotion because they're my favorites.  Don't always get through the second set, but have been feeling very pulled to try. 

5) Visited with friends.  Enjoyed a daughter/mother lunch this week.

WHOOPS! FORGOT THE THIS WEEK I'LL:  and update on last week, babysteps towards my goals.  This week I'll submit a piece somewhere new.  Add 2500 words to Helen, try to make it 4 days of exercise.
Now it's your turn!


*kate said...

I'm impressed with three days exercise! I can't seem to do more than one for the life of me. And yay for friends and mother/daughter dates :)

munchesmom said...

Congrats on the exercise...every little bit helps, as I'm currently finding out.

Stay At Home Mom at Work said...

Sometimes, making time for visiting with friends really IS a success. Good for you! I too made a point to go out with a friend, this week, to the movies, and am so glad I did! It keeps me fresh. -sahmatwork

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Yay for exercising! Show us your pretty hair...pleeease???

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