Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small Success Thursday

These weeks go by too fast to get much done sometimes.  Nevertheless, it is Thursday, so as hostess, I must remind everyone to stop and count their blessings.  We try to remember that this journey is in inches and moments, and measured by how much we love and nothing else.  

So this week:

1) We are caught up on the laundry.  The dryer is thinking about quitting, but so far just wants breaks in between loads.  Seems reasonable to me, I want that too.

2) Worked on Helen, as promised.  I was feeling pretty good about adding 1,500 words.  I was feeling almost smug that she's clocking in at 73K.  Guess what, I just learned from my writer's forum. Most first books are around 65K.  So I've got some editing to do.  (Sigh).  But it might mean, I've started my second book while working on my first!  

3) Took two kiddos to the dentist.  It's not a Yeah! but it's part of caring for them.

4) Patrolling (I'm Batgirl) is starting to have an effect.  I visually check every room in the house.  The results are that the house is becoming less chaotic, a bit easier to manage.  Did tackle the basement --clutter wise this week.  Will hit the bookshelf o-doom --where everything gets piled, tomorrow. 

5) Shameless plug and writing wantabe slog continues:  Got published this week in the Catholic Standard, got a nice (and I mean really nice) rejection from the National Catholic Register on a piece, and made a pitch for a job writing for a local paper. 

6) Played Return of the King yesterday with my son. 

7) Praying the Rosary daily.   

This week I'm going to: tackle the closet and cabinets o'doom, write and submit a piece, and edit Helen for a few hours.  

P.S. I had to do a bit of code writing to get Mr. Linky to cooperate, so I'm feeling supra geniusy for making the adjustments to make it work by cutting and pasting, and changing the date in the code. Now, if it works...

Now it's your turn:


Maria said...

Great job this week! I'd count your P.S. as a success too :)

Judy Dudich said...

YAY for you!
Best wishes on that book shelf!

Have you ever considered writing for the Examiner Online?

Monica said...

Great successes! I have a friend who writes, you writers are amazing!!

Mary B said...

Just a note to say I'm still alive but the new job is taking every oz. of my energy. Miss blogging.

*kate said...

Yay! Great successes :) I'll be adding #7 this coming week too.

Maria said...

ummm... you forgot:
1. Made special time for one of the youngers and baked together.
2. Wrapped said baked good and delivered it to a friend along with a beautiful card without getting TOO lost.
3. Put a smile on said friend's face and helped her feel loved and appreciated.
You will be proud to know there's not a crumb left. Who would have thought a 2 year old could eat SO much? :)

Sahmatwork said...

I tell you, sometimes, I think laundry deserves to be called 'huge success'! Way to go!

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