Friday, November 25, 2011

Small Success Thursday on Friday...

Okay, so the turkey coma lasted until now...but last week was fun and oddly successful.

Today, we take note of the little successes of the past 7 days that add up to all that matters in a life dedicated to doing little things with great love, and to the care of all those we are called to love. 

So here's last week (these are my small successes) :
1) date night on Saturday.  It was lovely and unplanned, but it happened and it was fun.
2) finished Financial aid forms for high schools and got daughter to finish one of her two applications!
3) threaded out four dressers of non fitting/out of season/wrong clothing.  8 more to go.
4) read 200 more pages of Dorthy Day's Duty of Delight. Review will be next week on 11/29.
5) fixed tail light on van without going to a mechanic. 

here's the rest of last week because there were small failures too:
1) didn't do the rosary on Thursday, had to finish Wednesday's which had been incomplete.
2) Gained 3 temporary pounds from cake, pie, turkey, lamb, stuffing, cranberries and bread. 
3) there is a playpen of laundry, it is over the top filled and I haven't touched it. 

So I blew budget, prayer discipline and diet all in one week.  But the good thing is, I get to start over starting today.  So that's this week's goal, to start again.

Now it's your turn!  Hope you have a blessed first day of Advent this Sunday and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! 

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*kate said...

I'm really looking forward to your book review! And thank goodness every day is a new start - I think I blew each of the same goals you did this week too.

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