Saturday, September 17, 2011

Three Years Ago

Paul was born. 

His labor I do not remember.  But I do recall being surprised by how strong his cry was when we first heard his voice.  He did not look like a child with only two chambers to his heart. He did not look like a child who faced a lifetime with Down Syndrome.  He looked like Paul. 

Paul had two births if you will, his birthday, and the day he had the corrective heart surgery, the day after which, I stopped holding my breath that he might die in my care before we could get him the procedure he needed.  Honestly, it was my greatest fear, that I might screw up in a way that would lose him. 

Today, he climbs on the table.  He likes the radio loud and will have games of what can only be called "Smile Tag" with me in the driver's rear view mirror.  He plays with puppets and has a sense of humor about it.  For about fifteen minutes, he allowed the Dinosaur to bite his hand.  Then he would roar and fall to the ground holding his hand.  Perhaps I should see what his brothers are letting him watch on TV.  He also makes faces at himself when he gets a hair cut or brushes his teeth.  After we're finished grooming, he nods his head at himself and sometimes even gives a thumbs up. 

It is hard to remember life without him or imagine it.  It is hard to explain except to say, our lives are far richer for this little quiet boy who sometimes isn't quiet. (He's now calling MOM because I promised to bring him his crayons and I got distracted). 

So Happy Birthday my son!  Love to you and I'm so glad you're here.  Like your extra chromosome, you add a bit more to our lives than the ordinary.   Now I'll get to work on that cake. 


Therese said...

Happy birthday Paul. Enjoy your birthday cake.

Mary B said...

This was so helpful to read.My girlfriend's baby will have heart surgery tomorrow in Boston.

MightyMom said...

Such a precious child! And he "introduced" us! No better gift to me than that!!

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