Thursday, September 29, 2011

Small Success Thursday

It's Thursday, time to take stock of the past week.  Man this week ran fast! But first, a request:  a friend I've known for 24 years is undergoing heart surgery today.  She's been through it before, but such a thing is never easy and so I pray for a good outcome and speedy recovery.  It's all I can offer from afar, so I'm asking for your help. 

1) To start, I have two days until the Fall Festival and I'm not yet entirely insane but as I said, I have 48 hours left to go.

2) Wrote a piece for a writing contest called, "The Dress She Picked."  I can't post it because it must be unpublished, but if it doesn't win, you'll see it here. 

3) Worked on Helen --okay, I took notes while waiting in the parking lot when my muse decided to give dictation.  Wasn't happy with her.  I now have to save an envelope full of red scrawl until I can find time to put it in the document.

4) Last weekend, I got to hear a great talk (or part of it anyway), and make a new friend. I also caught up with a few old ones and that was lovely.

5) Got daughter a hair cut before school picture day.

And, I'm adding a feature, a This Week I'll feature.  The object is to set a goal for next week, today. 

This week I'll restart my exercise program for myself.  (I'll let you know if in 7 days, I can get myself started). 

Now it's your turn.  Hope you had a great week and be sure and leave a link!


munchesmom said...

Praying you manage to keep some of your sanity over the next 48 hours!

Love the new feature idea. I'll have to go back & edit my post, but I think it will be a great addition to this weekly meme.

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

I just started the 100 Workout this week. First day, no problems, second day: felt like I was going to throw up afterward. Today is day three. I do it in the evenings while I watch television. Makes it seem like a less lazy part of the day!

*kate said...

I hope the Fall Festival is going well! You've accomplished so much this week, I hope you get a good chance to relax next week :)

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