Friday, September 9, 2011

Better than Shazam!

"It's Ninja time!"

My four year old said it. 
She meant it. 
Now I don't know what it means or where we're going next but I know what time it is, it's Ninja time! 

It's hard to get worked up at the 8 loads of laundry, the four kids down with Strep or the invasion of the ants from the flooded ground about us when it's Ninja time.

The scale doesn't matter and the bills can wait. It's Ninja time!

The malaise of my schedule has just been cleared for a 4 year old's super powers.  It's a liberating experience. 

I going to file it away for when there's a stack of dirty dishes or a forgotten assignment or a mound of paper work.  "It's Ninja Time."  I'm feeling better and better already, like using a karate chop action to get those things done even if I haven't done anything else.  It's going to be my new catch phrase for when things go wrong.  "It's Ninja Time."  She comes back into the kitchen and helps herself to about six saltines, skipping and declaring, "Mom, I love crackers that are squares so much."

She does a dance of Saltine happiness and marches out of the room, her cheeks full and chewing. 
There is a trail for me to clean up.  

Excuse me, I have to stop blogging.  It's Ninja Time. 


*kate said...

Oh good heavens! I wish I had the power of Ninja Time :)
I hope your weekend settles down a bit.

LindaF said...

I love this. Sometimes, we forget to focus on the simple things that make us happy.

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