Friday, September 16, 2011

Things that Puzzle Me

10) No matter how many loads of laundry you wash and fold, the drawers are always full before you get there.

9) When you announce to yourself that it's time to go on a diet, your husband will bring home dinner including dessert as a surprise.

8) Food disappears at a rate three times the estimated consumption level, leaving nothing on Thursday except "creative lunches" like carrots, the yogurts no one likes, and the left over dry frozen ice cream space bars from the last trip to the Air and Space museum. 

7) If you find six shoes, chances are, none of them are a pair.

6) The phone rings when you want to go to the bathroom.

5) If you find a pair of mated socks, one of them has a hole.

4) The kid who gets cavities will be the one who never neglects his teeth.

3) You buy new clothes for several but discipline yourself to only get what you need for those who need it.  The few you did not service, will immediately have wardrobe issues that require you return to the store and buy what you disciplined yourself not to purchase in the first place.

2) If you make it to the end of the month on budget, the car will have a nervous breakdown.

1) If you hold the baby to your cheek and inhale, letting the peach fuzz on her head tickle your nose, all the worries about bills, pounds, cleaning, grades, schedules, errands, time, grey hairs and dinner, disappear.

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