Thursday, September 15, 2011

Small Success Thursday

It's Thursday, the day we count our blessings even if those blessings include things that don't look good on a trophy like creating15 pairs of non holey clean mated socks!  Behold, my prowess at bringing intended pairs together. Bow before my capacity to keep footsies warm.  Hahahahahahahaha. 

Okay, enough fun. 

This week I:

1) Took my eldest son shopping. It's an accomplishment, trust me.  Got him a few shirts and a few new jeans.

2) Got the van an oil change. Yeah, between that and the socks, I'm livin' the dream.

3) Survived 7 with strep.  Have a chart on the wall dry erase board for easy marking of who has had medication and who needs it.  When I get to the end of a day and see all 14 checks, it's a huzzah moment. It's one of those times where you want to call someone to tell them hey I did this and then you realize, it's baseline.  No one cares if you did it, only if you don't.  But it's a success.  I am awash with Amoxicilin.

4) Worked on Helen.  Not like last week, but still, progress.

5) Played football this weekend with the kids.  It was a blast even if we didn't just lose but lose badly. 

6) Did not sign my kids up for soccer.  There was some sadness in not saying "Yes" because I always want to say "Yes." but the rigor of three schools and constant commuting has just meant we need the down time that Saturday and Sunday provide.  It's kind of a nul victory except that for me, not signing up for everything is progress. We have promised however, to play football every weekend.

7) Decided to Not send youngest son on the bus to school, I'm not ready to let him go out in the world without me just yet. 

These treasures, are my victories of the past week.  I can't wait to read about yours!


munchesmom said...

I think that #3 is a huge success. It's tough to keep all the medication straight when everyone is sick. YAY for you!

*kate said...

Accomplishing anything with 7 sick and medicated at the same time is pretty impressive to me! And you've got quite a list :) Resisting to sign up is awesome too, I am not looking forward to those whines as the boys get older.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Sorry I forgot to link up after posting yesterday!
I am having trouble reading your post because of how DEEPLY I bowed down before your amazing SOCK FEAT!
That is WAAAAAYYYYYYY up there in my book, Sherry! WOO HOOOOO!
So sorry all were ill...but seems like things are on the upswing if the kiddos are able to play football now! WHAT FUN!
God bless you for having the courage to make a decision that is best for the family at this time...I just know that God will shower many happy FOOTBALL weekends upon you all!
Thanks for encouraging us by hosting this meme each week.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Sorry for linking twice...Munchesmom pointed out that my first link didn't work...OOPS!

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