Thursday, September 8, 2011

Small Success Thursday!

It's Thursday so it's the day to count our blessings! 

Today we celebrate all the little victories that go into the vocation of living a life as filled with love as possible.  So we stop to recognize that each teaspoon of ourselves that we measure out for others, matters.

With that, here is how anyone can participate.  If you have a blog, post your small successes from the past week in your blog and then link here using Mr. Linky below.  If you don't, post your successes in the com box.  Then, visit the good folks who posted here and are linked to be inspired, awed, impressed, moved and encouraged.

Know that none of us are alone in the struggle not to be overwhelmed by minutia.

So without further adeiu, this week I:

1)  worked on Helen.  Not just here and there, I added 4,610 words. Plus I edited.  I've set a goal of 1,000 words a day. Some days it's more, some days it's less, but the process generates more words.  So I'm very excited.

2) What a family! Last night there was a flash flood and water started building up in the well of the basement window.  My husband jumped in and started bailing.  My oldest son and daughter and I took turns carting the bins of water (oh am I stiff today) to the driveway where it could run downstream.  My second daughter gathered towels and moved everything away from the window.  It took an hour but we saved the basement! 

3) One week of college, high school and grade school all at once, down.  (I'm gratetul for the grade school breaking it to us gently by 2 four day weeks in a row). 

4) Had a date with my husband this weekend!  Now that school is started up again, I need this more than ever; just to keep from being overwhelmed by laundry and schedule. Plus it's fun!

5) The Beaumont Enterprise is going to run my Flat Stanley piece, and the issue of Faith & Family with my article in it was mentioned in a podcast (Go to last Friday's post for the link) and is coming out soon (September Issue)!

6) Reading a book that I love, Bird by Bird by Anne LaMont!

7) Went to the sacrament of Reconciliation this week, always lifts my spirit even if the basement is flooding (ugh), we have a nasty schedule (double ugh) and one kid is sick (tripple ugh).  Got to go take her to the doctor's today, so I'll check in with you folks this evening!

Now it's your turn!  ARRGH! Blogger ate my Mr. Linky!!!! How annoying.


*kate said...

Wow! You have had quite a week - congratulations all around :) I'm tired just thinking about all of it. I hope life settles down a little for a while.

Judy Dudich said...

Yay for you!
Your basement flood reminded me of a similar time almost 20 years ago when our basement took in so much water that we found our daughter's play wooden Noah's Ark Set LITERALLY sailing the stormy seas across the basement floor! It was SO funny!
So glad you are getting date nights with hubby...a TRUE BLESSING!

Anne said...

Sounds like a great week! A Sacramental Confession makes everything better. I should try to go more often, but I haven't figured out the logistics for my current situation. Hopefully soon ...

Maria said...

What a busy, successful week for you! Congrats on your progress w/ Helen. And YAY for those date nights w/ hubby!

Mary B said...

Thanks for posting despite the first week of school.

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