Saturday, October 30, 2010

What I Won't Write About...

10) Having to hold a clinic on turning off lights with children over the age of three in a desperate attempt to minimize the number of lights left on while scurrying to get out the door in the morning.

9) The protocols for one of my children to be able to brush his teeth:  hint, mouthwash, scalding water and a plastic bag for storage.

8) Ineffective bribes in the fight to get homework done before dinner.

7) My couch that if I sit on it, contains tristophans like you find in turkey, rendering me almost instantly unconscious

6) What time I get to sleep otherwise.

5) What time I have to wake regardless.

4) Appliances that retaliate when I complain by going on strike for fitful periods, only to become fully functional within mere moments of being in the presence of someone who will charge me 50$ for the first half hour.   (They are vindictive that way).

3) What I really think of class projects that are "Creative" now that I'm not the one assigned but the one in charge of making sure the assignment gets done.

2) How much I hate out of uniform days --it usually means at least three get sent back upstairs or down for revisions based on weather, size/fit and sheer color coordination.

1) How many sharpies I actually own and house in the house.

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