Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hooray, It's Thursday

And that means, small success day update:

This week I....

1) hung two doors, one screen and one indoors.  I feel officially like Mrs. Fix-it. 
2) had a bout of nesting in that I cleared out not one, not two, but three dressers of clothing that is out of season or should be out of service or is simply no longer properly fitting.  (Been taking the 1 hour clean and toss one bag o trash and donate one bag of stuff seriously, it's day 3).  
3) came up with a system to prevent myself from being driven crazy by soccer --one kid goes to a friend's house on practice day since he and his sister have practice at the same time at two separate (not close) fields.  
4) forced myself to write anyway even though the muse has been MIA. 
5) Scheduled flu shots for all 9 ...and me.  Husband gets his at work.
6) located the first three books of my to read list.  
7) helped plan the Halloween party for the 3rd grade, it's going to rock. 

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1 comment:

MightyMom said...

my success is TODAY!

It's a day off, with NOTHING on the calendar! I will post proof here in a little bit!

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