Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Thursday in all it's Weekly Awesomeness

Every week, the folks atFamily and Faith Live! take stock of the little victories that are the hallmark of motherhood.  So here's this week's wrap up:

1) Worked on Helen.  The book had been sitting on my laptop lonely and unloved for over a month and a half.  My daughter snapped at me, "You're a writer.  You're not doing your job."  Ouch.  Tough love but you know what?  I pelted out 2000 words as a consequence.  I told her to keep doing that on occasion.  In fairness, I had told her to get off the computer and go run which she also did.

2) What I didn't do was important this week.  I didn't run around like a crazy person.  I cancelled two soccer practices because I would have been exhausted and just didn't think they added anything that day to our lives.  Now I don't quit and I don't like to cut out on what we say we're going to do, but I made the call and the world didn't end.   They survived and because I said, "No.  We're not doing this this week."  I did too.

3) All of the kids have had their drawers threaded out of things that don't fit.  It is now my turn.  I haven't yet, because I still have to stare down four more loads of laundry but it is something to be almost done with the second most odious task I have tackled this fall.  

4) The first most odious task--the bag of trash, one bag to give away, one hour....continues.   I have also called 1-800 Got Junk and next week, they are taking away all the broken stuff that I can't throw away in the trash.  Goal: Have a basement I don't have to take a deep breath to walk down into before Thanksgiving.  

5) Made contact with a friend I made at the Erma Bombeck Writer's Conference and she gave me some fabulous tips for pitching a book, and asked me to write an essay for her --she's doing a collection of pieces on women who are under 5'3'' and I qualify on those grounds on a tall day.  It may not work with her project but I was glad to do it, it's nice to be asked and I was really proud of the end result.  

6) This past weekend, my parents were in New Mexico and out of contact for five days and I honestly went through withdrawal.  I call my folks about once a day and the silence of their absence was palpable.  Was so very happy just to say "Hi, this is what's going on in our crazy lives." when they got back.   But the blessing was that it nudged me to reach out to my sister and friends who my Mother has eclipsed in my "Who do I talk to? Who do I call?" list, that I really should pay more attention to on a regular basis.

7) Scheduled portrait sessions for oldest two and youngest three for tomorrow morning.  Going out today to get fresh items of clothing so they'll look awesome for the pictures.  That way, I'll have a current crop for each for Christmas.  

Got something to share?  Go celebrate your victories over minutia, scheduling and the hassles of daily living over at Family and Faith Live!


Mary said...

You are seriously overachieving! Fabulous list of successes! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary said...

You are seriously overachieving! Fabulous list of successes! Have a wonderful weekend!

Charlotte said...

I'm in the under 5'3" club too.

MightyMom said...

Wonderful week!!

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