Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brag a little

It's Thursday.  So let's evaluate the week in review:  

1) Got 2 of the 3 to soccer games (wrote down the wrong time for the third), and the kids served mass on Sunday so the weekend was chopped full of stuff including two projects on the rosary, a mandatory volunteer service for five hours for one, a creative project on Greek Mythology and a major paper plus the oldest was trying to get things done prior to going down to Texas for a look at some colleges so by the end of Saturday and Sunday, I was ready for another weekend, but we got all that demanded to be done, done.  

2) Wrote more, been so busy with managing the schedules that writing time has been hard to carve out, and having a son who needs my computer for his assignments, hasn't helped with lappie's availability.  So getting a piece written and submitted was a big deal, now comes the hard part of waiting.  

3) Celebrated our five year old's birthday this week.  Dad made a four tier cake and it was a big (literally) hit.  

4) Put in hour five and six on the basement.  (There are two huge rooms involved that are replete with legos, books, plastic animals, barbies in various stages of undress, dvd's, cd's, blocks, thomas the tank engine parts and pieces, baby toys, Wii games, and costumes) and that doesn't count any of the furniture.  It's still chaos, but I can see the places.

5) Husband and I went on a formal date, (See Palate Cleanser) and this past weekend, on Saturday, I bought a dress for the occasion and felt vaguely adult and elegant for an evening.   Almost wish there was another occasion soon so I would be able to wear it again before wearing it would stretch it out. 

6) Have two physicals for two kids today and they're kids who are due as opposed to "Oh yeah, I have to do that...."

7) Called a friend I hadn't spoken to in several months.  Whenever we speak, it's like a wash of the Holy Spirit on my heart.   It's almost too rich to do too often, but I love her and it always makes me happy when we can connect.  

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Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

You've had a great week it sounds like. Exhausting but great.

MightyMom said...

Did you say Texas? Where's he looking?

SherryTex said...

Texas A&M and Rice. He's also looking at the University of Chicago, Brown, Catholic University, University of Maryland and the University of Notre Dame. He's got his hopes on the Irish.

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