Friday, September 10, 2010

You Know You're a Geek When...

10) You need a new glasses prescription from watching a back to back to back Lord of the Rings Extended version trilogy with commentary.

9) You don’t get the jokes but you do understand the theories of the Big Bang Show.

8) The debate between Trekkies and Trekkers is personal.

7) Trans tri-dimensional games of Risk; Not a hypothetical notion anymore.

6) Your write your own fan fiction for some obscure character in the Justice League.

5) At the hospital, you purposely remove the lead apron while getting x-rays in hopes of gaining super powers.

4) Four words: George Lucas: Restraining Order.

3) naming a child after an X-man doesn’t seem unreasonable.

2) Budget for Halloween in some cases, exceeds that of Christmas.

1) Owning superhero underwear and you’re not under five.


Karen said...

Good stuff! George Lucas: Restraining Order ... Ha!

Here's one: To settle the debate with your new husband, you frost your wedding cake with the words "Han Shot First"

and another: You stitch handmade labels in your coats and sweaters that read "Cruelty free - no Wookie fur or fibers"

MightyMom said...

dare I tell you I just bought my hubby superhero underwear just because I could?!!!

I envy your extended edition LOR with commentary!!!!

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