Thursday, September 30, 2010

Small Success Thursday

1) I started taking on the basement.  I'm only allowing myself to work on it for an hour at a time, but the slow progress is bearing fruit.  Trust me, it still is a pit of despair, but now, it's only mild despair and I'm feeling hopeful that we can reach the pit of mere dull disorder or mild chaos soon.

2) I wrote a bit more than I thought, and submitted a piece.  It had been a while since I'd felt able to do that; for some reason, the will to finish a piece and send it out for acceptance or rejection had been low.

3) Started working on potty training again with my daughter.  She's not terribly interested, but we're going to keep presenting the opportunity. 

4) Booked flights for my son to visit three separate colleges.  Now, he's excited and working on the college aps.  Yeah!  

5) Youngest son said, "Go." today while playing with a Thomas the Tank Engine and track.  He is a very useful engine indeed.  

6) Diabetic sugars seem to be in control. 

7) Remembered to call a friend when things got draggy.  (I just don't pick up the phone as a matter of habit).  


munchesmom said...

What a great idea to tackle the basement one hour at a time! Ours is ALWAYS so cluttered & it's like a minefield of Legos & action figures just to get to the washer & dryer. You've inspired me, so off I go for an hour. (Who know? I may even get the munchkins involved!)

MightyMom said...

Go! How I remember trying to teach Sonshine go! I know I was saying ready.....set...... In My Sleep before he caught on! Now, how to hush the magpie? I'm warning you. Remember the work you're doing now because all too soon you'll wonder why on earth you pushed him to talk! By the by. Soneshine was maybe 22 months when his go! first erupted, not much ahead of Paul.....

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