Thursday, September 2, 2010

Go You!

It's Thursday so it's Small Success day over at Family and Faith Live!  Moms have to take victories where we find them so without further adieu...

1) Got the kids off to school with all the needed supplies, materials, special projects, etc. 
2) Started saying an (almost) daily rosary.
3) Finished a good book a friend gave me.  It is a strange thing that I've been writing for about five years now, but reading has always been a fitful pleasure for me.  Normally pregnancy robs me of my capacity to put two thoughts together, but these days, it's letting me read.  
4) Mailed a present to my niece who turns five today before today such that it might get there for today. I hope my mom was sitting down when she read this one. 
5) Fixed a toilet.  Not glamorous but I did it so right now, I'm feeling like the female equivalent of Bob Villa.
6) Went on a date this week, husband took me out for lunch on Saturday.  We're going to get ourselves back in the habit we've declared because having adult time was really nice. 
7) Am doing reasonably well on my sugars, will call them in today.  Wish me luck.

Have a success?  Go share it over at Family and Faith live!  You might inspire and you'll discover there were a whole lot of victories in the past week that otherwise, might have gone unheralded. 

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