Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because I'm Reading the Tourist Book...

Henry Louis Mencken said, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."  One wonders however, if he would have limited himself to this country if he'd known about this little crown jewel in the British Empire.

While looking at possible places for my husband to visit, I came across The London Dungeon, <--that's the link, a tourist attraction that showcases amongst other unsavory things, a tour of Hell, London Burning, Jack the Riper on patrol and unfortunate surgeries.  But, lest you think this is just a haunted mansion tourist trap set up in the Fall like the corn mazes of doom here; they also tout the educational benefits of learning 1000 years of dark history and there are special discounts for schools.  

Hey kids! Let's see an authentic recreation of the 1666 plague that wiped out 100,000 people. There are rats and piles of victims lumped along the sides of buildings plus the added bonus of surround sound and smells that will evoke the experience of enduring the Black Death.  Or closer to home, experience what it felt like to survive the blitzkrieg. Yes, happy memories for all. 

What's that?  Don't have 21.50L per adult or the near 17 needed for those children aged FIVE to fifteen? Get ten knocked off if you also visit the newest attraction, Bloody Mary, dealing with Henry the VIII's daughter.  Experience torture and executions for half price. Nice.  

But it's fun for the whole family because there's a roller coaster and a boat ride and a franchise with five other spots, ensuring its quality and popularity.  As an added bonus, kids under five get in free.  Yahhhhhh. 

The folks who bring their kids, (regardless of age), that may be the scariest part of the whole experience.
Free phone number to the local Child Protective Services or British equivalent also available upon request.


maria mcclure said...

even worse... follow the link to see who created this mess
Merlin Entertainment compares itself to Disney and has a charitable trust to benefit CHILDREN. hmmm...

MightyMom said...

Macabre at its most.....macabre.

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