Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Purpose of Life Found

In Texas (God bless and keep my home state), they have credits that dispute who first deep fried bacon and who invented fried oreos.  They imagined Bluebell Ice Cream, Coke-cola and then figured out that even these could be given the KFC treatment.   Let no artery be left unhardened seems to be the unspoken motto of the State Fair.  I thought I'd seen everything when last year, they introduced deep fried butter. 

But now, the Mount Everest of junk foods has been created and man will never be the same.

Deep Fried Beer.  

I'll repeat that for those whose jaws have dropped to the ground.  You may know the words but put together, they don't quite make sense.  They transcend the reality of food as we know it.  

Deep Fried Beer --specifically, Guinness. 

My only question is, can drinkable pizza and bar nuts be far behind?  


MightyMom said...

I'm itching to try it...and I don't even drink!

Diana said...

This almost makes me want to brave the crowds and spend the money to go to the State Fair. Almost, but not quite!

Anonymous said...

I read about this, but didn't realize it was Guinness. That i would be tempted to try.


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