Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven Takes Friday

First, hello to all the new people who have decided to follow my blog. Leave a comment, introduce yourselves. I hope my stories, rantings, ravings and musings bring you a smile, if not an outright laugh.

This Lent, I've been focusing on my personal Gritch.(My personification of the original sin version of me). Some days it's easy. Some days, it's not.

One of the things Lent does is call us not simply to reform/repent, but to begin to consider what it is that brings us to the point of making the wrong choices; if you think of sin as the alcohol, think of the sinner as the addicted soul who deliberately choses to drive to the bar in the first place. I'm trying to work on not getting into the car to go somewhere away from God in the first place.

"Lead us not into temptation," isn't simply a plea for God to rearrange our world so we never struggle, it's also a request for the grace to deliberately embrace obedience; to NOT lead ourselves to those places we fail most often.

I have lost my keys.  It is now day five. Given the last post, this might be God's way of assisting me, but I live in perpetual fear that I'm going to go out somewhere, lose the half a set I have now and wind up with a vehicle that can go nowhere and the kids in the back saying, "We need a snack." If you have good connections with Saint Anthony of Padua, please petition him. I have but I also pester the poor man daily for kids shoes, time, inspiration, patience and any number of things that I find I have in short supply.

Yesterday, I tried to impose the 7 to 7 rule about going on the internet. I didn't make it. I checked three times for emails but didn't look at any news sites I normally haunt; and the thing was, by 6:45, I was jonesing for a break and I could hear the words, "Could I not stay." with the kids who were chattering and playing and asking to help make the birthday cake. We made the cake. Two kids wrapped the presents. My oldest daughter decorated. Then we took a break and it was 7:30; the kids were watching shows and I went to the computer. After ten minutes, I was bored and went back to being with people.

So we'll try it again today; but I've already messed up because I started writing and it's now 8:16 and I do have to do some writing work for a grant so I won't be able to be computer free; so it feels like I've driven to the bar but I'll just order a diet coke.

Printing up the grant so I can make the edits in pencil so I will keep to my promise as much as possible. I'll just drive to the place but I won't go in; yeah. I'll bring my diet coke with me so I won't be thirsty.

New York State is thinking of banning salt; granted it would be for restaurants and bakeries but this sort of ruling has unintended consequences. To anyone who cooks or bakes, they understand that salt is necessary. Such a ban would eliminate almost every baked good there is in existence except for the Eucharist. Hey wait.

My daughter felt very proud of her gift to her brother for his birthday. It was fun, it was inexpensive and she thought of it herself. Water balloons.

I may have to institute a pre-approved and no-fly list for birthday gifts in the future. Oy.


deanna said...

#6 could be a real problem, how does one cook without any salt? a bit too much "big brother."

Anonymous said...

I've been cooking for the better part of 50 years, and I almost never put salt in anything. My mother was extremely salt sensitive, so we just never used it. The salt shaker is always on the table for those who have a craving, but it isn't in the food/baked goods. That said: I think the proposed salt ban is one of the more stupid things I have heard legislators bring up. And the iodine in salt is the reason we are all not running around with goiters the size of softballs.


MightyMom said...

Mary, I would sure like to know how you make bread without salt.

I don't cook with much salt...but for somethings particularly baked goods, it is essential.

water balloons huh? could she save that for the summer birthdays??

I have looked and looked for that song "Baby's got the car keys" for you....I'm gonna see if I can type up the lyrics...

MightyMom said...

oh yeah, and as I watched my hubby get ready to dish out THE LAST SERVING of banana pudding last night I caved big time....not only did I grab a spoon and scrape the sides of the dish....I then got the spatula and took about 1/2 inch off the last piece (which was his) while he was carrying the other bowls to the table. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

MightyMom said...

I found it!!!!

hee hee hee....

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