Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

Happy Saint Joseph's Day! 

We're celebrating with delivery pepperoni pizza and soda and a game of Catan.  Also, their father comes home from a three day trip to California so the day will be all the happier once the kids get to see their Dad.

Yes, you're Lovely....

My son is in a musical and also a jazz ensemble band at his high school.  As such, last night was a late night with practices and performances.  Taking the metro home, it broke down at White Flint where my kid joined up with the touring Yale men's choir.  They decided to throw an impromptu concert for the other stranded victims of Washington's mass transit system and took requests.  "Hello Dolly" was problematic when they realized they lacked a Dolly; and there was some discussion about the actual lyrics of "A Whole New World" but "The Way You Look Tonight" drew appreciative applause from fellow passengers. 

Anticipated Joy

One of my daughters opted to give up all beverages except water for a week as a form of fasting and awareness that much of the world struggles to acquire even that drink in sufficient abundance for healthy everyday living.  She had one slip up where she poured a lemonade and drank it without thinking but other than that she held to her promise.   I'm terribly moved that she chose this fasting and am excited to see the young lady she will become in the next few years.  


We see grass. We see daffodils.  Bunnies and deer have returned.  I go outside and almost blink in surprise that it is pleasant.  Going outside into the sunshine is the best cure for listening to the political mess going on inside the beltway. My husband had the blessing to see a whale slap the water as he looked out over the ocean on the West coast.  It's curative to discover the real real world; as opposed to the real clear mess that is real clear politics.


Paul stood for a clear second today. Twice.  He is 18 months. What I love best is he knew it because he giggled as he tumbled into my arms. Then he applauded himself. Wish I could have recorded that sound for this little story. It is like a bubble of happiness when he laughs.  

Hopeful Thinking

Lent has resulted in the loss of 7 pounds. I may break the 150 barrier this weekend.  Maybe I'll keep to the lean cusine pizza and diet coke for myself tonight. 

Everything I Fail to Learn

Back when I was a kid, somehow I never mastered the state capitals. I'm sure we were tested but I just don't remember studying. Now, as I prepare my fourth grader for his capital test, I've become aware of the fact that I am gradually learning all the things I blew off in school, if only because of repetition.  Hopefully, the kids will get around to teaching me French, World History and Chemistry.  I really didn't get them the first time around.

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MightyMom said...

awe way to go Paul! that's fantastic. don't you just LOVE baby giggles!?

what's with this food thing for St Joseph? several folks have mentioned some food thing..or table thing. I thought the man was a carpenter?? even given a hungry carpenter I don't get it.

now that my snow has melted I smile at all my bulbs peeking up...

and I need my kids to teach me Geography....

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