Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Petite Fours and Discreet Twos

It was an odd discovery; an entire bag of Chips Ahoy! cookies demolished and yet still there. 

I didn't think it strange that my children had found and devoured the bag of chocolate chip cookies, I found it odd that they'd found and sort of eaten the bag of cookies.   I followed the trail.  There were crumbs everywhere.  The trail had pieces that had been carved out, broken intentionally, showing deliberative thought about how the cookies were to be destroyed.  Every cookie had been partially consumed and looked poxed and excavated; like a mountain side into which mines had been carved. 

And then it hit me as I spied my two year old daughter beaming a chocolate smile.  She only wanted the chips.  The cookies she left to share with the rest of us. 

From the file of "What do they think I'm doing?"

Yesterday, I discovered my two toddlers had done a number on their sister's room. Not wanting the despair and anger that would ensue if this trespassing on private property was discovered, I helped repair the damage. My toddlers were safely ensconced in front of the television. Dora the Explorer ended and I was still in the room cleaning.


"I'm upstairs cleaning your sister's room."

"Oh. We thought you'ld been eaten by a bear."

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MightyMom said...

eaten by a bear huh? well, probably not, the bear, after all, will only want your chocolate pieces.....

funny my kids do the same thing to chocolate chip muffins.

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