Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Came Charlie Brown!

Nancy: I got a gavel.
Stupak: I got an airport and an executive order.
Kucinich: I got a sweet plane ride to area 51.
Ben Nelson: I got a sweet heart deal bigger than Landrieu's.
Landrieu: At least I got more than Connecticut! $100,000,000 for a healthcare facility.  What a piker.
Leahy: I got $250 million extra per old person in Vermont over the next six years. 
Bill Nelson: I got the old folks in Florida grandfathered into Medicade Advantage so they won't lose coverage or benefits.

American people: I got a rock.


Karen said...

A rock provides the good start to a sturdy house, sheltering many.

Be encouraged. History has shown that Americans resisted taxes and social security payments, yet these mandates are now commonly accepted as benefits for everyone.

JimmyV said...

Wow! Karen, that is an interesting take on the situation. Perhaps you should examine the solvency of the Social Security program. Google the words "unfunded liability."

No-fault divorce is also "commonly accepted as benefits for everyone" provided you ignore the children.

The truth is true, whether it is commonly accepted or not.

Mary Ellen said...

I love it! Great play on The Great Pumpkin.

What the Dems may not be counting on however...the Americans who will start throwing those rocks come election day. It's not going to be pretty for them, but they asked for it.

MightyMom said...

I'm working out so I can throw my rock really hard, fast, and far and hit someone right upside their TOO FAT head....

don't mind me...I'm grumpy.

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