Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coffee, Tea, Republicans and the DNC, meet Carrie

How did it come to this?   So far we have the party that was in power and spent money they didn't have on things the American people didn't want and so we voted them out of power; and the party that is in power that spends three times the money we don't have on things we don't want and seems bent on betting that since we voted the last guys out, we won't vote these folks out instead since all we get is then is the first ex back.  Meanwhile, neither of the two prime parties seem interested in doing any soul searching about why they might not be as popular as they think they are, but both are dead certain they're much more humble and loveable than each other.   Bleah on them both!

The tea partiers are the up and commer late bloomer kids at the school.  They're somewhat unknown and have a bit of a nerdy rep, but they are an alternative to the other two which makes them at least interesting. 
Voters however, having been dumped by the last cool new guy are hesitant and unsure. 

Suddenly being unasked to the prom makes you the most powerful person in the world, and the most irritated; because none of the available dates are people we'd want to spend the evening dancing with, much less give a kiss good night.  The newest kid on the block being the Left alternative to the Tea partiers, the Coffee party. They don't like what's happening but they don't want to join the latest clique in the high school so they've formed their own.

We'd stay home and watch re-runs on television and catch up on the news but we really put a lot of effort into this dance and so it's annoying to see everyone else go and take advantage of our hard work and miss out on the opportunity at least to hear the music and get a bit of punch, maybe a snack or two. 

But if the Prom King plans with Nancy and Harry to pass this Healthcare mess and by allowing for pork all over, be warned. The mousy voters who are the Prom Queen might get a bit mad and you think Carrie threw a fit at the end of that movie.


Adrienne said...

Good analogy. I always admired Carrie's approach to being dissed. I also think the "powers that be" have way underestimated the rage of the American people. Most people can handle someone hating them or loving them - but watch out when they're ignored.

MightyMom said...

bring it on baby....

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