Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Unsecret Formula for Surviving Life's Mishaps

Yesterday, my son was sky high. He texted me about getting a 94 on his German test. His father and I were both very pleased.

My husband took the train to New York last night. As a result, this morning, my son had gallantly offered to take the bus. He left the house at 6:00 a.m. calling me 15 minutes later as the 90 bus had passed him by.  My son explained that the driver pretended he wasn't at the stop and even felt him hitting the side but kept going. "The guy even gave me eye contact through the mirror!" He was understandably, upset. I told him to come home and I'd drive him.

While I was getting everyone else ready, he came in and updated his Facebook about the incident. Getting in the car, I pointed out that maybe, that wasn't the wisest choice of actions at 6:30.

We started on the road, it was crowded. We saw the offending bus. His father called and after listening sympathetically, said well, "Happy about the 94, sorry about the 90." "That's not funny." my son said. "Not today." and after a moment, "Maybe tomorrow."

It was at this point, I revealed my secret formula, "Suffering + Time =Humor."

He said,"I'll take my humor without the suffering, thanks. I can make up jokes. I have a great immagination. I don't need the pain as inspiration."

We were quiet for a few minutes, then his phone indicated a text message.

He made a face. "I hate text chain mails. I always kill chains. I don't care if it ruins my businesses for the next thirty years! This one, by hitting delete, I've lost out on true love." He explained.

"So that explains your bad luck this morning."
"I guess it does."

"You know, your true love is on that bus."
"Well, one things's for sure, it wasn't the bus driver."*

"See? That didn't take long."

*Mental note: may have to subcontract blog out to son more.


MightyMom said...

that's funny, but why's the driver called "90"??? I'm missing something.

humor solves everything! but you already know that.

SherryTex said...

It was the 90 bus. Sorry about that, thanks for being a blog editor for me!

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