Friday, February 26, 2010

Seven Takes Friday

1.  I have found a new sport that I love, the women's ski cross, a hybrid of motorcross and the super G, it looks insane and it is insanely fun to watch.  I am grateful it did not exist when I was young enough to think I was immortal as I might have been stupid enough to try it.

2.  The Percy Jackson movie is a giant disappointment if you loved the books; but I can see enjoying the film if I didn't know the text was so much richer and more fun.  If you haven't found them, fun reads for the cat days of winter.  (What other people call February).

3.  Just a Lenten question; why aren't eggs considered meat?

4.  Filet-o-Fish and their counterparts at other nation wide food chains are the #1 reason why Catholics opt to fast.   Knowing that some faithful succumb to the eating such things and that we care about those people deeply, it is also why Catholics remember to pray. 

5.  I love the Olympics and I love the local color tibits about the host country, but the segment on logging last night indicated at least to me, NBC wikipedia'd Canada to determine its assignments for such pieces and is trying way way way too hard. 

6. Why do my kids remember every time I say "We'll order pizza." but never remember, "Hang up your coat" or "put away your shoes?"

7.  I want spring.  I want grass. I want warm weather. I want baseball and grilled foods and berries and birds and rabbits in my back yard.   I want to be able to hand my kids chalk and send them out to draw on the driveway for hours instead of bundling them for the great artic adventure and then having them track back in half a foot of snow plus peel off half a load of laundry for me to do after five minutes outdoors.   


Karen said...

In answer to question #3 - no animal is killed in the process of collecting unfertilized eggs. No killing. No sacrifice. No meat. This tradition grows out of Jewish dietary observances.

Enjoy your kosher, Lenten egg salad sandwich!

MightyMom said...

folks used to give up milk, eggs and butter in addition to meat....this is where Mardi Gras started as people needed to eat up all of those things prior to Lent. I don't know when or why the milk eggs and butter got dropped. and why wasn't cheese on that list too? me no know.

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