Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Success Thursday

Standing in line for reconciliation as part of preparing for Lent, my two toddlers used their time in line with me to test the acoustics of the Church. A mother and daughter took pity on me and offered to hold Paul and entertain the other two while I went. But my two year old was not interested in watching the daughter draw, nor was she willing to be held or watched by anyone but me, so she came and demanded my arms as I waited in line. She pointed to the statue of Mary, "That's you Mom." "No, that's Mary." I explained; thinking, that's what we're supposed to be like and how many times I in my head have sneered at my own title, vocation and role, "just a mom." when here is the Mother of God, who was "just a Mom."

Part of the reason I’ve been restless is I haven't had success getting published. Whenever that happens too long, I start to chaffe at my regular duties. I know this dry spell is in part because I'm supposed to stop demanding that I be something other than "just a Mom." I know I’ve used those successes when I’ve been published to allow myself a moniker before Mom, and valued it sometimes more than that title Mom.

Foolishly switching the approval of the world for the love of my children for all of the single day that the piece runs and gets read. How stupid is that? Well, sin makes one stupid. One of these days, I’ll stop having to have this battle with the stupid part of me; one of these days I’ll grow up spiritually on this point. One of these days, I’ll submit like Mary and be gracious and grateful and thankful to the point of tears for that phrase, “Just a mom.” And then, hopefully, I can hold that thought and that moment of grace beyond that day.

So here are my just a mom moments from this past week:

1) Got daughter to her music audition for a high school scholarship. Honestly, if she gets this, I'll feel like I earned half with the nagging about practice, hunt high and low for music that fit her taste, style and range, and willingness to endure adolescent irritation when I offered suggestions or compliments or outright critiques. (I got to be all three judges of American Idol for a 13 year old).

2) We played Olympics this past weekend, complete with a medal ceremony for the sled runs. Even I ventured out into the snow (something I don't normally do), and we managed to avoid at least this weekend, the personal gritch's traditional rant against the state of the home.

3) Sometimes prayer is ubiquitous in my day, other times it is a chore, but right now, it is something I'm doing sans other things, learning to be present in prayer --and it is helping me to be present at other occasions with everyone else as a result. This has been a surprise that really shouldn't have been, but for which I am very grateful.

So look around at your week for those “Just a Mom” moments, for those little things that we're supposed to be doing not out of duty, not for the praise, not for any reason but love. Then, write them on your blog and share your triumphs that will provide you with a pat on the back for your work and encourage others by joining us over at Family and Faith Live!


Anonymous said...

For some, just a wife or just a spouse, may have to do.

SherryTex said...

I'm not editing my post but I do want to be clear that what I was trying to express and perhaps not as artfully as I ought to have, was the recognition that the role of wife and spouse or mother is a role that supercedes any other titles we might seek; and that pride in my case, sometimes blinds me to that ultimate reality.

ViolinMama said...

Beautiful post - really. Blessings on your list!!

Farmer's City Wife said...

#2 sounds amazingly fun! Yay for not just watching 'em :-D.

MightyMom said...

some days I want to go back to being JUST a mom so much it hurts. I miss being JUST a mom. I'm weary of carrying the weight of our financial security. And my feet hurt dammit.

and not for nuttin...but the way I read that anonymous post....not everyone GETS to be a mom...

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