Sunday, February 7, 2010

Answered Prayer

Last week, we were tired. There was so much on the schedule and it loomed throughout the month to come. Basketball, Confirmation meetings, band rehearsal, scholarship auditions, music lessons, homework, plus the normal everyday errands; there was just no way we'd get to everything. Audibly sighing as I rattled off the schedule for the week, my husband griped, "I'd just like a break from all of it. Even God needs to give us a day off." We dutifully trundled everyone off to mass.

This morning when the radio announced that people were dispensed from the Sunday obligation owing to the weather, I poked him. "God answered your prayer. You are free. There is nothing on the schedule for yesterday, today or tomorrow."

Stretching and recognizing new aches from the shoveling of yesterday, discreet twinges of pain in my wrists and shoulder, ribs and the back of my legs, I looked out at the 3 feet of snow. "Only God could solve your problem and so God gave you a day off."

I popped an Advil as the radio commentator moaned and announced another foot of snow was expected Tuesday.

Looking at my husband who had a happy kid snow day smile on his face, “God is on my side.” He said.

I threw a pillow at him and said, "You know, most people, when they need a break, they just buy airline tickets."


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So now we know who to blame.

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