Monday, February 1, 2010

Odds and Ends

Item #1 Erma Bombeck Contest

I entered yesterday and so did my husband and my son. Having read their entrees which like mine, cannot be published material, I have stiff competition. As the one with the self proclaimed moniker "writer," I'm rooting for them both but hoping I don't become one of the countless unhonorable unmentionables if either of them win.

Item #2 Why my husband and son are competition:
The phone rings. My son picks it up. "Hello Dad."
"Hi Sherry."
"Dad. I said Dad! It's me, your son."
"Sorry but your voice is like your moth..."
"Don't say that! I say Hello Dad so you'll know!"

When the conversation ended, Will went on a rant.
"He does that when he calls ME! My voice isn't that high."
"My voice isn't that high either." I said.
"Yes, but he never says to you "Hi Will." It's only me!"

He was working it through.
"When I'm 44 and married and have three kids and I call home and he answers and you're right next to him, he's still going to say, "Hello Sher--" and I'm going to scream, "Mom's Right there. You have caller ID so you know it was me that called you!"

"Yes, but by then you'll know it's a put-on."
He sat there recognizing that Dad knew all along.

"My kids are going to ask, "Why aren't we going to Grandpa's funeral? and I'm going to say, "He never calls me."

Mental note: Do not antagonize teenager deliberately.

Item# 3 True Story

As a regular listener to John Batchelor's show, I've come to enjoy his interviews with quirky space scientists that are hoping to make Star Trek and Star Wars a reality. But last night, he spoke with an expert on flight and space who wanted to take a Virgin Galactic Flight.

For those not up on aviation space tourist travel, the plane named "Eve" would take those having ponied up $200,000.00 for reservations and the three days of training required, on a 2 1/2 hour journey for a five minute experience of the weightlessness brought on by skimming the edge of the atmosphere.

He wanted to do research during those five minutes and was searching for funding.

Not a dirty joke but it sure sounded like one.

Item # 4 How to tell if your Blog has hit it Bigtime.

When something like this happens.

Rooster Shamblin has left a new comment on your post "Speech by Arch Bishop Chaput on the Modern Age, Ar...":
would you please spend a few minutes and check out my blog. I am a farmer who was been raising more than 50 breeds of chickens for forty years.

I haven't the nerve to either post his link or click on it, but I'd bet if it's a successful "chicken farm," he'd be able to fund that scientist's flights of fancy.

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ooo you caught a TROLL!! awesome!

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