Thursday, February 16, 2012

Small Success Thursday

Today was a diet coke and chocolate for breakfast day. 

Yes.  It was rough. 

Three kids couldn't find socks. One overslept.  My kindergartener inspected the lunches and noticed that her brother had a chocolate bar.  He'd saved it from yesterday.  My daughter felt it was unfair that she didn't have a candy and he did.  No amount of reason works when desire is outraged.  I sent both to do chores and ignored it.  Back to searching for socks.  There is scuffle over the sink upstairs.  I don't know why. There are three other sinks standing ready for anyone who needs to brush teeth.  "She always gets that sink."  "It's a sink. Deal."   It is getting late.  Get in the car.  They go out.  Three come back in. One needs a notebook. One forgot her lunch. One just wandered back.  Go out. The other two come in.  They didn't know where anyone was.  

Out. Out. Out.

Then my son needed to get dressed for school.  He took off his coat three times before I could get him down the hill to the bus.  The desire to bound up all the socks that weren't mated and toss them in the trash and start over was almost overwhelming.   It was raining. I'd gained back the two pounds I'd lost.  Yesterday, prayer and service had been mostly effortless. Today, a single Hail Mary felt daunting.  It wasn't that the mess was so much or bigger or harder than yesterday, it was me. My will was missing. So I'm really glad for Small Success Thursday, because it is a reminder that sometimes showing up counts.

So this past week I:

1) Flew down to Texas and saw my parents, my sister and her family, my brother and his new fiancee and Aunts and Uncles and cousins.  I ate crawfish ettoufee and Bluebell Icecream.  We baptized my God daughter, Lucy Grace.   It was wonderful.

2) Read a book (on the plane).

3) Survived returning and doing a three day solo parenting run. 

Now it's your turn, going to go eat my chocolate and drink my diet coke now.


munchesmom said...

OH MY! What a morning! I think getting through it AND still posting successes is a HUGE success in itself. Diet Coke & chocolate...the breakfast of champion mothers!

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Yeah, I'm exhausted just reading that. Not to mention the morning we've had here....I'm with Munchesmom Diet Coke and chocolate it is!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

No worries about your breakfast. I happen to like ice-cream with beer on occasion. ::winks::

JJ's Mom said...

Great job this week. My husband would be drooling over #1 and Bluebell Ice Cream if he were reading this. He reminds me every.single.time we have ice cream that "it's not Bluebell" Keep up the good work.

munchesmom said...

Me again...just wanted to let you know I left an award for you on my blog!

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