Thursday, February 9, 2012

Small Success Thursday

Today's going to be crazy....when isn't it though? 

But Thursday is good for me, because it makes me stop and count my blessings, stop and recognize that we are getting there, stop and assess where's I'm stopped in my life, and stop and thank God for all of it.

So leave a  link to your blog listing three things or more that reveal little things done with great love, little triumphs of the will and the spirit and the body and the mind, little victories that deserve a shout out!

This week I:
1) Created a desk for my middle son, I cleaned off a table that was acting in role of a holding place for junk.  It now looks office-y and my son loves it.  In a family of 10, having private space can be a premium.

2) I cleaned out oldest son's room.  Trust me, it's impressive.

3) I got a shout out on 1160 AM radio for my article Catholic Cassandra! Coolness. 

4) Caught up a bit with an old friend. 

5) Stayed on budget and diet --down 2 lbs.

Now it's your turn.


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Love #2 and I get why it is a success totally!

JJ's Mom said...

I think it has been a great week at your house! #4 is so good for the soul....keep finding time for yourself (as you said in #1 - in a family of 10, have private space can be a premium)

munchesmom said...

WooHoo! What a great week for you! Tayed on budget AND diet...impressive!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Wow! Good for you! Those are awesome successes! that 2 of our kids are grown, gone, married, and on their own...our *little* group of 10 people in the house feels "spacious" at times! We're always going, "Who's missing? Is someone missing? It feels like someone's missing". LOL
That 2 lb success is TOTALLY cool. YAY for you!

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