Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Success Thursday!

It's Thursday in all it's Weekly Awesomeness!

Every week, we take stock of the little victories that are the hallmark of motherhood. If you'ld like to join in, just use Mr. Linky and post your Small Successes on your blog or in the comment section here.  Then go blog hopping to 1) see how everyone else is doing 2) be inspired and discover a few new beautiful writers/mothers and doers out there and 3) be part of their support and encouragement to keep on doing by leaving a comment. 

So here's this week's wrap up:

1) I have only missed working out one day this past week using the Wii Fit.  Several people asked for a review in the comment section last week.  Upside: Loads of fun. Motivation to work out.  Zero excuses as it's not like I have to drive anywhere or even get babysitters to be able to work out. Downside: Don't think the wii's system of measuring calories or mileage is accurate or I'd be on the Olympic Cross Country Team.  (See prior post Virtual Reality for details).

2) Got a hair cut.  It was getting where the only way I tolerated my locks was if they were balled up in a pony tail.  Still needs a touch of color, (Hello Sherry, your ego is on line one and doesn't like being put on hold) but it looks nice. 

3) One of my favorite Catholic bloggers out there, Larry D of Acts of the Apostasy once wrote about how mini-fasts are like offering up a cross of toothpicks, and he surrendered Diet Coke.  I don't know how long he fasted, but I love the image of a cross of toothpicks.  Last week, I did fast from the computer.  I failed to do so this week, but I've been trying to give up a cross of toothpicks each day --chocolate, griping, diet coke one day, and I've stumbled too --when I tried to abstain from meat, I forgot and then after I forgot, instead of continuing, I allowed myself to quit for the day.  Whether I succeed or fail, these little fasts are good reminder to me how attached I am to what brings me comfort, what appetites dominate my will.

4) Took six kids to the dentist yesterday, only one cavity! Even the dentist said, "It's defying the odds."

5) Made a pitch for a piece in a newspaper.  We'll see. 

Now it's your turn! I can't wait to see what all of you folks have been up to this past week. (Now that my computer is back, I'll be able to get to leaving comments much easier --had to wait my turn with the family machine last week and there's always a line). :)


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Great job, you!

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

I totally agree on the Wii Fit Plus workouts...but then I've heard that even the equipment at the gym that tells you calories burned are inaccurate...oh well. YEAH for working out. I also love the image of a cross of toothpicks...something I need to work on for sure.

munchesmom said...

My problem w/ the WiiFit was that everytime I stepped on the board, the little voice would say "Oh!" while the munchkins would get a "Great!" I guess it didn't like me much...LOL!

Love the mini-fast idea & the cross of toothpicks. I will have to give it a try.

Sue said...

Loving SST, was busy last week and missed it and already have to catch up this week! lol!! Great successes you had this week :) Cheers Sue

*kate said...

I like the idea of toothpick crosses too. An "every little bit" approach and way to remember that even the small things matter. I have to try to remember that.

Monica said...

Great week. Those small crosses can be tough for us humans. Way to go!

LarryD said...

Sherry - I nearly forgot about that post! I've given up the Diet Cokes for good, Deo Gratias. St Therese says to make small sacrifices with great love. Not everyone is capable of making the big sacrifices. And that's me.

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