Monday, August 8, 2011

Patron Saint of...

Larry D tagged me in a fun meme contest. 

This idea evolved from a blog about a blog about a blog. 

Jeff Miller, blogger extraordinaire more famously known as The Curt Jester, published a clever post earlier today called "Saintly Planning" - advice on the things you need to do to become a saint. Here's an excerpt:

Plus I think you really want to figure out what you are going to be the patron saint of ahead of time. Otherwise you might get one of those ironic patronages the Church seems to love so much. Pick wisely because you will be doing it for eternity or else you might get put in charge of the lost and found like St. Anthony.

This passage inspired another blogger, Puff at Puff's Blog About Stuff, to start a meme:

What would your patronage be?

And then, I got tagged.
Here are the rules:

For this meme, you must name your patronage.
and then tag 5 other people who would like to play along.

Linking your answer to your nominator's post would make it easier to get your answers.

Since I'm a known rule-bender (non-doctrinal ones, at least), I'm changing the meme slightly. I'm asking you, faithful and friendly reader, to choose my patronage that will be assigned to me, upon the moment of my achieving sainthood. I'm much too humble to even consider what my own patronage would be, even more so regarding my impending certain sainthood... Notice I said "friendly."

Now I've frequented Acts of Apostasy for a while so I considered his possible saintly qualities: snarky humor, doctrinal clarity, loathing of liturgical dancing.  Then I considered what job he might enjoy using as a means of dispensing grace to those still struggling to make it into Heaven. 

Now humor as a gift is precious because it can be used to heal.  When it is pure snark, it is simply cruel.  When it is satire, it is used to instruct. When it lacks substance, it is simply silly.  On his blog, Larry D skates upon that point, between satire, snark and silly depending upon his mood. 

But, perfected, Larry would be able to intercede for all those of the blogosphere who seek to amuse, instruct and delight while still evoking smiles and laughter.  He would be the patron saint of blogger's block, combining his love of the modern means of communication with the capacity to spread the faith through a goodly dash of chuckles; a saint who smiles easily.

Oh - by the way - the following future saints have been tagged:

Now, to invite others into the game: 
Danny of
Sarah of My Wonderful Life
The Ironic Catholic
Jill at Pundit and Pundette
and brother bloggers, Matt and Patrick at Creative Minority Report.

 Also, to everyone not tagged, feel free to leave your suggestions in the combox if you want to play along.
Oh, ...and I'm the patron saint of the disorganized, procrastinating and heavily caffinated. 


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Now...what about yourself?

Adrienne said...

I wrote this huge and very inspirational comment to Larry last night. I thought my computer ate it but I see you stole it... ;-)

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