Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1.  Trees

A week ago, I was in Texas seeing my family.  I told my husband that there's a certain sort of tree, it grows near the beach, mesquitte.  When I see those wild scratchy trees, they're the trees of home and I love them the way he loves those pines that just start to dot the landscape when you hit Connecticut.  That being said, I love Maryland Spring and keep pointing out the bursts of color everywhere to my kids because for me, even after living here 15 years, it's still a shock to my brain.  They're bored by my color commentary about the dogwoods and the pear and the cherry blossoms now but I know, these will be the trees that make them remember home one day even if they move far away. 

2. Sliding
My daughter plays softball and she's pretty adept at batting. (Very patient).  She throws well and she fields strongly enough to hold a spot at third.  When I signed her up, I was pleasantly anticipating going to her games.  She announced last night she didn't want to play.  I thought maybe it was being 12, maybe she was feeling overwhelmed, I asked why. She couldn't say. 

This morning when I talked about getting her slider pants for the afternoon practice, she related a story about a friend who plays on a travel team who got seriously hurt sliding into base. "Are you afraid you'll get hurt sliding into base?" I asked.  Bingo.  We talked about how the only way to live a life uninjured is to sit and eat and sleep.  She agreed that sounded pretty dull and after breakfast, she gave me a big hug and told me she'd assembled her equipment and put it in the van for this afternoon.  She has practice at 4:30.  I'll be there with her new slider pants, a waterbottle and snacks. Her first game is tomorrow. 

Doing the mental happy dance because I guessed right! Cue Andre(Fessik) the Giant saying, "Don't worry, I won't let it go to my head."

3. We Are Here to Amuse

Having a child with Down Syndrome, I get services at the house twice a week.  These dedicated ladies have been wonderful with my son and very patient with my daughters.  For my three year old's birthday, we'd given her a dress and a crown. One of the ladies brought the Queen a magic wand.  It was perfect.  Gina has been turning people into princesses ever since with a mere touch. (She'd share the crown with whoever she deemed Queen for the day...hour....two minutes).  I got to wear it for a time but I forgot I had it on when I loaded the car to go for pick up and so the people on the road got a chuckle until I got to the stop light and realized I was still in Cinderella mode. 

4. Potluck

I have been asked to join a group of conservative political women who blog occasionally on issues called Potluck and I have said yes.  Potluck is just that, a series of articles or links with some analysis of articles by a group of conservative women.  It is dependent upon the person as to the style and the mood. While I sometimes write stuff here that is political, it is usually with a bit of humor laced generously in the mix.  Potluck is more serious and I'm still finding my way in it.   I'm honored to have been asked.  I post about once a week.

5. Happy Birthday to my brother Danny! 

He wrote a great piece called a year in review at the age of 38.  Link is here.  Can't wait to see what he writes for 39!!/notes/daniel-green/the-year-in-review-age-38/387308881569 Go click on it and wish him happy birthday.

6.  It's Not Wrong...

My older kids play a card game called Magic with their father mostly; and each card has a little bit of humor at the bottom, a flavor text.  "You go first."  is a flavor text for a magic spell that forces creatures to tap during their turn without getting to do anything.  "Aieeeee." is the text for a goblin flunkie that gets sacrificed to give every other creature a stronger attack power. You get the idea. 

My four year old sometimes watches these games with interest but sometimes, she mishears or misunderstands.  So she piped up the other day, a bit of flavor text.  "Let us be creditors and not prey."  I know it was supposed to be predators but...she's not wrong.

7.  Summer Vacation Will Happen

We planned a reunion in Gaitlinburg in mid July. (Cue the song, A Boy Named Sue...). My daughter that was worried about sliding into home wants to go rock climbing on one of those walls....with me.  I'd tell you that I counseled prudence but not so secretly, I want to go do that too.


MightyMom said...

well, honestly, seeing as how you drive a 12 person van....the crown's a nice touch! you should wear it more often.....especially in the pickup line!

Jenny said...

Oh I think that's great you drove around as a princess for a time. Think of the joy you may have brought other drivers, or at least a funny distraction to a very serious world. And I'm sure your daughter thought it was the greatest!

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