Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Toast
Today I buttered toast.  In the process of spreading the creamy salty goodness, I tore the bread but not enough to change the shape of the toast. My daughter however, declared it inedible.  After logic (failed), force (not getting something else), (failed), I tried science.  Telling her to shut her eyes, I made her take a bite of both and declare how it tasted.  Once it was proven that there was no actual damage to the epicurial experience of her breakfast, all was calm.

2. Do You Want a Burger With That?

Took my youngest to McDonalds last week. We sat in the restaurant for a therapy session.  I was supposed to offer choices so he could work on language development.  I broke off a piece of hamburger and took out a french fry for him to make a decision. "Do you want the..." is all I got out before he'd grabbed the pomme fritte and stuffed it in his mouth.  I think we can check off choice making as a known skill.

3. I've Become One of Those People

I had to ask my son to write out the instructions for how to work the DVD player downstairs, and the Wii.  I followed the steps.  I still failed. 

4. Better than a Do Not Call List

Yesterday, things were imploding at dinner time.  Naturally, the phone rang just after I'd stopped two siblings from exchanging escalating insults while trying to avoid setting the table.  "HELLO!" I said in a gruff angry irritated voice.  "I'm from Concerned Voters....I'll call back at another time." and she hung up.  I'm betting, my name is off their calling database. 

5. Where do these people come from?

Two of my children still have completely unconsumed chocolate bunnies in the freezer.  I'm so confused. 

6.  The Cobb Ervin Rule

Two days ago, I'd caught up with the laundry.  That primal scream you heard that evening when your windows shook and a chill ran down your spine?  That was me.  Two children threw up, a lot.  I'm wiping up stuff with towels and stipping the beds and I've thrown both of them in separate showers and all the time I'm thinking, "But I was caught up! But I was caught up!"  Lamenting my tale of woe on facebook, a high school friend offered a prevenative measure.  Always leave a load undone.  I like it.  I'm leaving two just to be on the safe side.

7. Memo to Spammers

If you really want me to believe that I won the Irish Lottery Sweepstakes, you should fly me first class to Dublin and put me up in a hotel there for about a week.  Be sure and pay for all the Guinness so I won't remember that I didn't buy a lottery ticket.  It's an investment really.  Don't be shy.  Remember, as you said, this is all about trust. 


Mary Bennett said...

Funny, I thought I won that one year too ......

MightyMom said...

you're hilarious!

let's see here...

1) I can't believe that worked! mine never close their eyes..
2) ayup. choice made...and eaten! haha
3) I'll pray for you
4) what a polite caller! or maybe my angry voice isn't as angry as yours....need to triple my kids for extra practice right?. I have been known to tell them that I'd died....if I'm real mad I'll tell them "she died the other day, and you're interrupting her wake!" that'll get me taken off the list for sure!
5) they MUST have forgotten about them.....which makes them fair game! I"ll split one with you :-)
6) works for me!
7) funny thing, I win about once a month....go figure.

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