Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hemingway Moment

All English majors know the six word short story of Ernest Hemingway.  "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."
Likewise, it is drilled into a humorist's head that brevity is the soul of wit. Not being as witty or as brief as Hemmingway, I added a word to my own challenge. As such, I present the following:

Seven words or less stories

Genre: Disaster
Found: the cap of a sharpie.

Genre: Tragedy
11:00 pm.  Why is the hose on?

Genre: Romance
15 Forever stamps on the car window.

Genre: Mystery
Three left shoes for the same person.

Genre: Western
They're boots.

Genre: Sci-Fi
Marshmellow Peeps in the Microwave

Genre: Fantasy
Kids clean up Marshmellow Peeps in Microwave.

Genre: Historical
Everything you just read.

Genre: Fiction
My calm serene reaction to everything.

Genre: Autobiography
Highly fictionalized for public consumption


Mary Ellen said...

Genre: Tragedy

11:00 pm. Why is the hose on?

Shit.Flooded basement.

MightyMom said...

Genre: Adventure
4am trips to ER.

Genre: Mommie Fear
I didn't do it!

Genre: blogger fear
the muse is constipated.

oh hey, thanks, that just gave me an idea for a funny post! haven't had a good idea in MONTHS. what our next writing assignment?? :-)

that was a great rant at pot luck....but the comments made me dizzy.they ran on so many rabbit trails!

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