Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small Success Thursday

. This week is First Communion for my middle daughter. So we're getting ready for Saturday. It's also the day my son takes the S.A.T. and my oldest daughter takes her high school placement test and our middle daughter has softball and the grandparents are in town so it's a full dance card.

This past week was full of heaping dollops of joy and irritants that reminded me that even with everything breaking my way, I can still find ways to fall from grace; so a peaceful, kind, gentle smooth life isn't circumstance, it's attitude. My daughter asked if she could go to reconciliation to be in the proper state for Saturday and moved by her piety and pure heart, I will join her on that journey tonight.
This past week I:
1) took my oldest daughter shopping for a confirmation dress and we found one!

2) Went on a date with my second oldest daughter to a National's game on Sunday.

3) Finished the discipline part of the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

4) Let my oldest drive the van for practice. I hate homework.

5) Started a new exercise routine with my 8 speaking children as the enforcers. I said it would take an army to get me exercising again and so I've just drafted one to boot camp me into shape. They're pleased with this new delegated power.

6) Wrote, edited, wrote, edited, still working on a lot of stuff.

7) Cleaned out the cubbies and found 8 scissors and five roles of tape. Put them in a bin. Put a lid on the bin. Ten minutes after I left the room; an art project ensued. There are now three pairs and one roll of tape.

Have a success? Have a story? Go to Family and Faith Live and leave your link, share your success! Manufactured triumph over minutia so sometimes the only way to cope with all of it. Being able to embrace that joyful minutia of victory even when things are imploding or not, that's grace!



Mary said...

Sherri - as always your list of successes is just awesome! Your dance card is indeed full my friend. I wish you nothing but great joy on this special weekend.
Blessings and Grace...

Mary said...

What a wonderful weekend! May the Lord bless your little one during this very special time!

Joanne said...

That was wonderful! Sometimes we just have to embrace the little things and then all the big things fall into place! God Bless! And good luck with the bootcamp!

MightyMom said...

well dance your heart out girl!

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