Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Ten Reasons this Blog is Late...Paul was in the Hospital

Title: Top Ten Reasons Paul is Back in the Hospital

10) Likes having a staff.

9) Building a complete collection of fetching open faced gowns.

8) Trying to get quality alone time with Mom.

7) Have to beat last year's drain on the insurance company.

6) The food.

5) Wants to hit on the nurses.

4) Dad needed a break from work and Mom needed a haircut. Only way to make sure both happen.

3) My own room.

2) Even with the alarms and specialists and doctors, it's quieter.

1) Personal insurance against becoming an older brother.

By way of an update, we have come home and Paul is doing much better but it did keep me from posting at my normal time. My apologies to anyone who came here hoping for fresh stuff and finding what they thought was a dead blog.

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MightyMom said...

I really like reason number one!! you know he's liking being the baby!! ;-)

here's hoping that as he gets older and stronger his hospital time will drastically diminish. Soon you'll drive by the hospital and think....gee....I wonder if it still looks the same as when Paul was a baby?? See haven't been here in YEARS!...but when you were little......

hold tight friend.

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