Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Driving the Lessons Home to Me

I have a sixteen year old. He is learning to drive. Sometimes he hugs the road a bit too close to the curb and I silently will the trees and the mailboxes to jump back about two feet.

We have high ceilings.

Enter one five year old child full of joy, lighter than the balloon tied carefully to his wrist by an unreasonable parent. Said child is clever and knows that school scissors will cut the ribbon and allow him and the balloon their much deserved freedom. The deed is done in an instant. The balloon is now 25 feet up and the child crushed, all before Mom has finished unloading the car of all the other children.

I came in to find my son shooting his glider at the balloon. One presumes he hoped to lance the loop at the end with the nose of his plane and have the weight of the airhog bring the balloon back down to Earth. Needless to say, it didn't work, though it did take down a cover from one of the lights on the chandellier.

He was very sad when I declared this a no fly zone. I told him to let me think on the problem over dinner. He agreed. That evening, while he was taking his shower, I used a broom to perform the manuever that the plane could not, leaving the wayward balloon stationed in his room over his bed.

"Wow! How did you do it Mom?"

Visualizing my son attempting to steer the broom towards the balloon and taking out a few pictures that like the mail boxes and trees, couldn't get out of the way, I punted.

"It's technical. I'll teach you when you're older."
"Like how old?"


Amazingly, he accepted this answer. Now I just have to help the older brother with the driving. Maybe I could put this off for another nine years too!


Aussie Therese said...

My eldest has had his license for just over a year now. I use to wish the trees would jump back too. Now I know why my parents refused to teach me but very lovingly paid for professional driving lessons.

It is hard teaching them to drive but once they have their license, it is wonderful. I am constantly asking Daniel to drop out and do something for me.

MightyMom said...

our pedi dentist gives balloons...complete with a little bear balloon weight so that they don't fly away. smart dentist.

Carl said...

Parents teaching their kids how to drive (and vice versa in some cases) is one of the best bonding exercises in the family armoury as both parent(s) and teenager face the same challanges and obstacles together and the outcomes which follow.

I agree with the 1st poster who states that a driving license is the most wonderful thing as it gives the child liberation to go places or do things they wouldnt of normally been able to do. This also leads me onto the other advantages, one which has already been commented on which is the free taxi service which inevitably becomes available haha!

Kind Regards


Lisa said...

Would that it were so... These rights of passage just about kill me.
Our third from the top is now getting his license -- and he's my best driver so far, but it's a learning experience every time, nevertheless, for me and the newest student driver. I work on my patience and courage and develop a more acute prayer life with each child's coming of age. They practice forebearance and respect and learn to ignore my white knuckles gripping the door handle and the edge to my voice when I suggest they might want to consider driving to the left of the solid yellow line...

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