Thursday, July 23, 2009

Government Prescribed

"The best health care is not always the most expensive." --President Obama

"It darn well better be!" --Sherry Antonetti --after looking at the price tag that refuses to be named but has been speculated at, for the federal government health care.

I don't actually remember anyone ever saying the best was the most expensive, but let's just go with what he says for the moment.

The best beef is Wagyu. The President serves this when he wants to court Congress or impress, it is also stated to be his favorite. It is roughly $100.00 a pound. Now maybe there's some ground sirloin out there at Sam's club that can compete if cooked properly (slow smoked burgers that have a touch of green chili's and white and black pepper), but otherwise...the best is well, expensive.

His wife is styling in her $400.00 sneakers. I'm sure Easy Spirit makes a shoe that is similar in design and color, but the best shoes that make all of Paris and London and the media swoon are fashionably expensive.

And his lovely darling daughters go to a private school, very posh, but the best education isn’t always the most expensive either… I’m sure the DC public schools would be just swell.

Now the President lives in the best public housing that is available in the nation.

But when it comes to health care, just remember, the best is not always the most expensive. Trust us, we didn't take a vow to do no harm, but we're from the government and we know the best for you isn’t the best for us.

P.S. On a serious note, I do understand that we need to make some changes to the existing health care structure and that the moral quandry involved in health care is always --say yes to everything and go bankrupt, or say no and risk having made an error in judgement that cost someone else grave suffering or death. It is not an easy issue and I do not take it lightly.

That is precisely why I feel ill at ease with the speed with which this bill was being pushed. I subscribe to the quaint philosophical notion that we ought to demand our leaders read the things they vote into law or bother to sign. I also worry that we are already spending massive amounts of money we don't have, and at some point, we do have to stop. If government spending is holding the economy afloat, haven't we just swapped one bubble economy for another, the dot.coms to the housing home equity incomes to government? Lastly, why is this not being asked by a person in the media as opposed to a blogging house frau?


MightyMom said...

vedy vedy interesting!!

good post! gonna send it to some folks I know...

ABNPOPPA said...

House Frau, OMG I haven't heard that word in about 40 years. Are you posting from Europe? Great comments.


Adrienne said...

That school is costing 40K a year for the two girls....

SherryTex said...

House Frau was in honor of my oldest son who takes Honors German. I thought it was a funny way to express the issue.

ABNPOPPA We live just outside the beltway, in Maryland. Welcome to my blog!

Mighty Mom, thank you vedy much.

Adrienne --and that doesn't include ballet.

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